1958 Austin Healey BN4
(restored in 2000-2001)

Happy Healeying with Cully and John


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This car had as little rust as any Healey that I have work with. All body panels and frame were stripped to bare metal, primed with epoxy primer and painted with urethane paint. The topcoat is a clear coat urethane and the base coat is the correct "Healey Ice Blue" metalic with white lower panels. The hood (top) is dark blue everflex, as original. Side curtains have new plexiglas.

The engine was in very good condition for rebuilding. The cylinder bore is standard with standard size pistons. The crank shaft only required to be turned to .010 under on both rod and mains. The six port head was set up for unleaded gas. The twin HD-6, S.U. carbs were rebuilt. The car runs very strong and of course, has that wonderful exhaust tone that only a Healey six-cylinder roadster has. Truly a great sports car.

Lynn Martin


**Happy Healeying with Cully and John**


Austin Healey BN4 (click on picture to see enlargement)

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